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We are glad to offer conference rooms of the hotel Uyut that is located in the center of Almaty! They are distinguished, first of all, by a large capacity-here you can comfortably accommodate 30 to 100 people. Any, even the smallest conference hall in the hotel is able to host business negotiations, become a place for a focus group, a mini-concert or a presentation. Your event can be organized in the form of a round table (the negotiating table is right at the center of the hall) or in the format of a theatrical reading, when the participants are seated in several rows. The number of people comfortably accommodated in the hall directly depends on the arrangement of chairs

Rent of conference rooms in the hotel Uyut:

Three modern, suitable for negotiations, seminars and other important events conference rooms:

  • “Khan Shatyr” accommodates 30 to 100 people;
  • “Dostyk” - 20-30 people;
  • “Kuat” - 20-30 people.


For small meetings, we can offer a meeting room that is equipped with all necessary equipment and freely accommodating 15-25 people. Your planned buffet or coffee break will be provided and served by the restaurant of our hotel.


The cost of renting conference rooms

The cost of using the conference hall of the Uyut hotel depends on the duration of lease, and the type of the hall.

“Khan Shatyr” Conference room

  • Theater method-up to 100 people
  • Round table - up to 30 people
  • Price (in KZT) for 9 hours-90000
  • Price (in KZT) for 5 hours-50000

“Dostyk” Conference room

  • Theater method-up to 30 people
  • Round table - up to 20 people
  • Price (in KZT) for 9 hours-45000
  • Price (in KZT) for 5 hours-25000

“Kuat” Conference room

  • Theater method-up to 30 people
  • Round table - up to 20 people
  • Price (in KZT) for 9 hours-45000
  • Price (in KZT) for 5 hours-25000

The cost of renting a conference room includes the price of using its basic equipment which is:

  • several 120-inch LCD monitors;
  • DVD-player;
  • board;
  • flipchart;
  • microphone


If necessary, our guests can rent additional high-tech equipment (multimedia projector with screen, notebook) for an additional price.

We will answer all questions and book a conference room.

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    Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

    Conferences, trainings and seminars can be hold in our conference halls.

    Cost includes: marker board, flipchart, screen, video, DVD, 3-LCD monitor, diagonal line– 120 sm.


    Necessary equipment helps you to achieve high quality of business meetings!


    Prices for all services on rent of conference halls and Negotiations Room can be reviewed in terms of order.


    Discounts are available on weekends and holidays.

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